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Henri Jacot Exhibition

In November 2013 we held an exhibition of forty clocks by the Parisian carriage clock making Jacot family. The catalogue featured a summary of research undertaken on the lives of the family, most of it from source material and previously unknown; along with a detailed look at the carriage clocks and their development. Catalogue Updated 31st July 2014

The Max Cutmore Collection

In November 2012 we held an exhibition of the English watches and movements from the collection of the author and collector Max Cutmore, also known as Denis Bacon, having purchased the watches along with all his research material, photographs and correspondence. The catalogue is available to view, and will be updated in the near future.  


Added 20th September 2014:

Henri Jacot, a rare anglaise-riche petite-sonnerie carriage clock. Henri Jacot, an Anglaise striking carriage clock with a decorative dial. I have a further forty plus Jacot & Drocourt carriage clocks in restoration at present, including Gorge, Corniche, grande and petite sonnerie and a five- minute repeater along with other unusual examples. If there is a type not listed that you are interested in please let me know and I’ll advise as to what is coming through.
Leigh Extence is a specialist in Fine Antique Clocks having worked  with many of the worlds leading horological collectors, dealers and  institutions. To read a more comprehensive biography click on the link above. As well as a dealer Leigh is also in demand as an independent  horological consultant having worked with the BBC and on various  national publications, as well as with a number of auction houses. He is  currently the antique clock specialist, valuer and cataloguer for leading provincial  auctioneers Bearnes, Hampton & Littlewood. In 2004 Leigh was proud to be elected a member of the Worshipful Company of  Clockmakers being raised to the Livery in 2005.  All clocks offered for sale having been chosen for their originality, condition and appeal.  All have been fully restored to the highest standards and come with a working guarantee  along with a Valuation for Insurance and details of the research undertaken on each  particular piece.  Pierre & Alfred Drocourt: Carriage Clock Exhibition 2014: I am holding a small  exhibition of some twenty-five plus carriage clocks by the Drocourt family to coincide  with the Honiton Antiques Festival beginning the week of the 10th of November. A  catalogue, to include a summary of all the new research I have undertaken on these fine  horlogers, will be available on-line at this time and will follow the pattern of that of the  Jacot Exhibition catalogue of 2013.  I would welcome any information on Drocourt carriage clocks to add to the database. Henri Jacot: At present I am researching the life and carriage clocks of Henri-Louis Jacot  & his nephew Albert who took over the business; forming both a database and gallery that will be available to use on-line.   Anyone who has information on an Henri Jacot clock to help further this knowledge is  welcome to get in contact with details.   The exhibition catalogue, as shown above, will have some details of the research  undertaken so far, with the majority to be published in book form in the near future  alongside the research nearing completion on the Drocourt family.
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