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Henri Jacot and Alfred Baveux
A Gorge Carriage Clock signed for Paul Garnier
Jacot Baveux

An engraved gorge carriage clock signed for Henri Jacot, Alfred Baveux and Paul Garnier, and made circa 1880-1882.

The eight-day duration movement has a platform lever escapement and strikes the hours and half-hours on a gong, with a repeat button set to the top to sound the last hour at will, the gong block stamped with the gong maker’s initials F.D.


The inside of the movement plates are stamped with the mark of the blanc-roulant maker Alfred Baveux, being the initials AB in script as a copy of his signature, along with his serial number 3435, with the rear of the dial-plate stamped with the poinçon of Henri Jacot showing their award dates for various expositions, the last showing here being 1878. The backplate is stamped with the Jacot serial number 3394 and is also engraved for the retailer Paul Garnier, Paris.

The white enamel has black Roman numerals, a subsidiary alarm setting dial, Jacot circle to the inner aspect, blued steel spade hands and a matching engraved mask.

The engraved gilded gorge case is typical in style of those used by Baveux and Jacot at this time whilst in partnership with workshops in the horological town of Saint Nicolas d’Aliermont.

Height: 6¾ inches (17.5cm) handle up: 5¾ inches (14.5cm) handle down.

This is a wonderful example of the Baveux and Jacot families working together, as they did for most of the commercial era of the Jacot business from the mid-19th century. I have found mortgage details for the house and workshops situated in the clockmaking town of Saint Nicolas d'Aliermont signed by both and from where the carriage clocks were manufactured before being retailed from the Paris premises. More can be read in my research available to view via the Exhibitions and Publications button above.

Price: Sold

Ref: 1463

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