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Paul Garnier: An Attributed Series I Carriage Clock
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A Series I one-piece carriage clock dated for 1840 and attributable to the workshops of Paul Garnier.

This clock was the subject of detailed research and forensic study culminating in the writing of an article for the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Chapter 195. In the paper I describe the step-by-step process used to attribute the clock to the well-known and historically important maker Paul Garnier.

When dismantled the rear of the dial was found to be inscribed with the name Debruge whose details I researched and added to the article. A further surprise was then finding the main spring scratched with the name Borel jeune and dated for July 1840. Further research from source material added to the Garnier attribution as it became apparent that both these men undertook work for Garnier at this time. The details for both these makers, along with some fascinating history of the retailer F.L. Hausburg, are a part of my article, which includes some useful dating of Garnier clocks using the sequence of serial numbers that came to light.


As such, any description on this page is somewhat redundant as the full transcript can be read by clicking on the following link:

Paul Garnier: An Attributable Carriage Clock


Height: 6½ inches (handle up): 5¾ inches (handle down) (16.5cms/14.5cms)

Price: On Application

Ref: 1457

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