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Joseph Soldano, Paris: A Fine Engraved Striking Gorge Carriage Clock


A finely engraved striking gorge cased carriage clock, with the silvered platform lever escapement stamped on the underside with the maker's name Soldano and to the top with the initials J.S. for Joseph Soldano along with the escapement number 1188. The backplate is further stamped JS, Paris and the clock serial number 4946. The eight-day duration movement strikes the hours and half-hours on a gong with push button repeat of the last hour at will and shows all the signs of having come from the blanc roulant maker Delépine-Barrois in conjunction with Baveux of Saint-Nicolas-d'Aliermont who were the principal suppliers to Jacot at this time, with their usual features such as the steel strikework, the double-finned dial plate pillars, the pear-shaped strike cam along with the Delépine-Barrois style 'arrow' to the backplate and is numbered between the plates with the blanc roulant serial number 120.

The white enamel dial has an inset centre, unusual pink hour numerals, fine blued steel spade hands and a beautifully engine turned mask, with a subsidiary alarm dial. 

The gorge case is profusely engraved with floral decoration and has a typical gorge style five-bail handle.

The winding key is stamped with a repeat of the serial number 4946 and is made in a style distinctive to Baveux and Jacot and which I have seen on other clocks from this workshop, mainly from period II when these two makers were working side-by-side in Saint Nicholas d'Aliermont.

Height: 7 inches (18cms) handle up: 5.5 inches (14cms) handle down

For a further commentary on the relationship between the Baveux and Delépine-Barrois concerns please read my article for the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors entitled Jacot: The Transitional Years that can be seen via the Exhibition Catalogues link above.


Joseph Soldano was known as a maker of fine carriage clocks having been awarded medals at the Paris Exhibitions of 1855 & 1878 where it was noted that '...the exhibition of this establishment showed substantial progress in the art of case decoration. On show were a group of carriage clocks ornamented with great taste and originality. The escapements appeared to us to have been treated with particular care." They are particularly well known for the high quality of their escapements which were probably made in Geneva, Switzerland and were often stamped, as this one is, 'Soldano' and 'J.S.'. The well-known firm of Dent's were regular customers of Soldano's during the 1860's.

Price: Sold

Ref: 1448

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