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Charles Joseph, Paris for Vrard: An Engraved Cannalée Carriage Clock

Vrard Shanghai French carriage clock Chinese market Joseph Paris

An Unusual French Carriage Clock made for the Chinese market by Charles Joseph of Paris for L. Vrard & Co. who exported many clocks to Shanghai.

The gilded Cannalée style case is fully engraved with the white enamel dial having the retailers name written on it in Chinese along with that of Vrard, and with black Roman numerals and a sweep seconds hand.

The eight day movement has a platform lever escapement and strikes the hours and half hours on a gong with unusually all the strikework set on the backplate as opposed to under the dial as normal. The inside of the movement is stamped with the trademark of the roulant blanc maker Ch. Joseph. The base of the case houses the alarm bell as well as having an embossed wax seal.


Charles Joseph, Paris (1738 – 1804), presumably either the founder of the firm or the father of the Ch. Joseph stamped on the above movement, reached Canton, China in 1784. (see Chapuis, Laupe & de Sauisserie, p.31.)

Charles P.H. Joseph, Rue Amelot 114, Paris, is recorded as showing carriage clocks at the Paris Exhibition of 1889 and 1900, where he was awarded a Gold Medal. Tardy gives him working dates from 1852 until 1935. It is known he worked as the horologist at the Paris Observatory.

Price: £3,500.00

Ref: 1014

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