Jacot, Paris: A Bambu Cased Carriage Clock

A bambu cased carriage clock of a type typical of Jacot, with a fluted handle and unusual silvered and engraved dial  which has floral decoration to the centre picked out in gold, and with a matt silvered mask and sight ring. This style of engraving, a deep gilded V across a lined base, was used by Jacot for a number of the better clocks.

The eight-day duration movement strikes the hours and half hours on a gong, with a repeat button to the top, and has a  typical platform lever escapement as fitted by Jacot and is numbered by the escapement maker 9521 on the underside. The gong block is stamped with the initials F.D. being those of the gong maker as used by Jacot in the earlier years.

The backplate is stamped with the Henri Jacot trademark, an African grey parrot, known as a Jacot, sitting on a perch, along with the serial number 5344, which gives a date of manufacture of 1884. The inside of the frontplate is stamped with the hidden poinçon giving the last date of an exposition award as silver at Paris in 1878.

The bambu (bamboo) style case is fully gilded and has a fluted handle, in a form that was also used by Drocourt on their more 'English' style carriage clocks.

Height: 7 inches (17.8cms)

Price: £2,500.00

Ref: 1327

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